Banned Black & Red Cherry Rockabilly Cardigan



Heres one of my casual rockabilly fashion cardigans that I mostly do the school run with. Its soft elegant and really like it. Styled with cherries. Have it? comment below and let me know. x


Blue Lucy 50’s Dress Polka Dot


This is a blue lucy polka dots dress and it’s very stylish, This is one of the first dresses I purchased and I dont wear this very often due to the fact I love it so much and having kids is not a very good idea when you want to keep your garments clean lol. Brilliant dress and great 50s style.

Babyonline’s 1950’s Floral Spring Garden dress


Believe it or not but I am actually wearing this beautiful dress right now as I am writing. Well It is dinner time and thought I would add this to my blog right now well I am in the mood. This must be my favorite dress of all time as I am usually wearing it preparing dinner even in winter time. Its soft, colorful and just damn brilliant. Love it so much. Do you have a dress like this? comment below and let me know.