Welcome to my little site of the rockabilly fashion, here I will be reviewing all different kinds of rockabilly clothes that I have found on the internet. Before I do I am going to talk a little in how I got involved with the rockabilly Era.

The rockabilly era was really brought to my attention from my late dad, when I was just a child and everywhere he used to take me in his car and the cassette player would be on belting out music from the 50s 60s and 70s. He always used to say. They dont make music like this anymore (bet you never heard that before).

He would have hits from Elvis (of course), Tapes of Everly Brothers, Bill Haley & His Comets, The Tennessee Three,  The Blue Moon Boys, The Sparkletones and His list was endless.

So that was really the start of it, the start of my love for the rockabilly era. I was very brainwashed for that kind of music at an early age and so as you all know – I’m glad he did because I am know saying to my kids in this day an age of 2016 – “they dont make music like that anymore”

So thats really it, I now do wear a lot of rockabilly fashion and love all kinds of dresses and style of the 50s and dance alot in my kitchen while preparing dinner (who doesn’t right?).

Its not just all about polka dots you know, their are lots of different style you can wear and its all to do with your hair, make up and how you wear the clothes. So I will be starting with a few things that I love and I hope you can share my views and make sure if you really love the rockabilly fashion and wear clothes yourself then jump in and comment. Many thanks to the great rockabilly store over at Rockabillyclothing50s.com for letting me have discounts on their clothing so I can review them. Have purchased majority from there and they never fail to impress.